How to Find Reputable Auto Repair Shops

autoremont-autoteenindusFinding a reputable auto repair business that performs quality work can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Do some research before trusting your vehicle with someone; it’s better to find a good business before you need a repair so that in an emergency you are not rushed into choosing a bad repair shop. Here are some points to consider when deciding on an auto repair shop:

Certifications: Ask whether the auto repair shop belongs to any associations (such as AAA, or the Automotive Service Association) or possesses technician certificates from places like the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Reputation: Ask family and friends for recommendations. Another way to check the service at a particular business is by consulting the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Service: The mechanics and staff at the shop should be courteous and willing to answer your questions. Be wary of mechanics that use scare tactics.

Appearance and Cost: One sign of a good auto repair business is if the shop is neat. Find out the average cost of the repair you need done and compare that with the cost estimate the mechanics at the shop give you. Ask for a second opinion, especially for more expensive repairs.

Repairs: Do the mechanics at the shop have experience working on your vehicle’s make and model? Determine if the shop performs the work that you need done on your vehicle.

Test Run: Before trusting a particular auto repair shop with a costly repair, give the business a test run. Have minor repairs or maintenance jobs done to check if their prices are fair and if the mechanics perform quality work.

Find auto repair shops through Real Local Pages (RLP), an online directory of businesses and services in the United States. Search the RLP website,, by first entering your city and state into the search box, followed by key words like “car repair.” You can also search by choosing from the popular categories list on the home page. The results page will display a list of businesses along with the business’s address and phone number. RLP users can leave reviews of the business by clicking the “add review” button next to the business listing. Use the Real Local Pages website to help you find a variety of businesses and services, from furniture stores to pest control services.

32 thoughts on “How to Find Reputable Auto Repair Shops”

  1. Thanks for the information. You’re right, it’s so important to find a reputable auto repair shop. I was involved in a small accident last week, so now I need to get my car fixed. Do you have any tips as to where to go? I’ll make sure I do my research before I choose one, just like you suggested.

  2. These are great tips for finding a reputable auto body shop. Reputation is probably the most important thing when it comes to these businesses. By looking around online to find companies with a good reputation, you can find a shop that you can trust to fix your car swiftly and properly.

  3. I’ve been in need of a good auto repair shop for a few months now, but did not know what things to look for. I had an idea of what would make a good repair shop, but I was not sure. I’m glad you talked about making sure the shop has a good reputation. That’s been hard for me to find in the past. So thank you for these tips. I am going to keep them in mind as I look for a new repair shop.

  4. Thanks for sharing this advice on finding a good auto repair shop. I agree that checking for certifications is one of the most important things to check. It shows that they take their business seriously enough to be certified by the nation. Your tip on asking around for references is also good– the references you get are from people who have had a positive experience with the shop, which makes them a better candidate.

  5. Hi, Ashley. I’m very grateful that you’ve written this article, and I’m hoping that it will help me find a reputable automotive repair shop. Do you think it’s important to get multiple quotes from mechanics to ensure you’re getting the best price? I don’t have much experience with repairs, so I don’t know what the going-rates are.

    Alex Jennings |

  6. Hi! Thanks for sharing this information on how to select a good repair shop for your car. It is true, the crew working on your car is very important to the overall quality and durability of a car’s reparation. I think it is important to do research and find the repair shop that best fits your needs and circumstances and well as to those of the car.

  7. Thanks for sharing this advice on finding a reputable auto shop! It is nice that there are associations to help people find a shop that is focused on quality and service. I know I would rather take my car to a shop that is nationally recognized for excellent service. Giving the business a test run is another great way to make sure that you pick the right shop for any big repairs you need.

  8. I like the first tip that you should look for certifications. I think that you should always check for the basics in certifications because that establishes a baseline of quality. Using those associations are great too for finding good places in a new area. Thanks for the tips.

  9. An odd thing to find when checking out a repair shop recently was how clean it was. We just moved, and did not have a regular place to take the car for repairs, and we are used to dirty, messy shops. However, we learned you don’t have to be messy in order to be a good mechanic. Lesson learned!

  10. I haven’t taken my car to an auto repair shop before, and I am not quite sure how to go about it. Your article gives me ideas to ask shops when looking around. One of the biggest things for me is customer service. If the mechanic is able to speak with me cordially and as a friend, then I will probably want to do business with them.

  11. My family and I just moved to a new town, so we want to find the best auto repair shop around. We like your tip about making sure the shop is neat and clean. That can be something small that means a lot. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  12. My husband thinks that a auto shop’s appearance does not matter, because it is a shop; it is supposed to be dirty! I disagree though and think that it is a good sign of the degree with which they uphold their whole establishment. That being said, I do understand how a less neat shop can show hard work too :)

  13. In my experience, appearances really are not that deceiving. If a shop takes the effort to stay clean and professional for the customers to see then that means they put in some effort to their work. It may seem minor, but it is indicative to how their company culture. Great post Ashley.

  14. I like your advice to ask family and friends for recommendations. I think this is a good way to find good companies to work with. It saves you time that would be spent searching and it gives you a trust based on the experience of those close to you. I always make sure to ask around as a first step!

  15. Doing a test run before making any large repairs is a good idea. Getting a good idea of the work ethic and the costs of the shop can help you make a decision. Asking the mechanics if they have experience with your car is something I hadn’t thought of before. Thanks for the advice!

  16. I really appreciate this information on how to pick the best auto repair shop. I like the advice of picking out who you want to work on your car before you need it, so that you are not scrambling at the last minute. I also think it is a good idea to take the car to the shop for minor repairs first to make sure they can be trusted. Thanks for this information!

  17. Customer service is the backbone of any good business. You could offer the best service at the best prices, but if your clients aren’t happy then you won’t last long. It can be rough trying to please everyone, but you’ve got to try in the world of small businesses. Thanks for posting this great list of tips!

  18. Well at first my mindset was that I was going to search for great local automotive companies online, but this article has really shifted my gears. Anyone can post online that they are great, but with a little work, I know that I can find a great local company myself. This article outlines how to do just that, and that is why I like it. It’s my first time in life I’ve been completely on my own when it comes to caring for my vehicles and I’ve never fully understood the processes that go into finding a good local shop. I kind of assumed it was all guess and check, but reading this opened me up to the bigger picture and now I think I’ll probably carry a notepad with me so I can keep track of all the different aspects that go into a truly good business. The notepad may even be a good idea for others. Thank you.

  19. These are some really good tips for things to keep an eye out for. It never occurred to me to look out for certain certifications to ask a mechanic about. Its good to know if they’re savvy enough to know certain car makes and models so that whatever needs to be fixed will proceed smoothly and quickly. Thank you for the really informative article.

  20. I really want to accentuate what you said about having a neat shop. It is so true that the best mechanics often have the best-kept shops and stores. If a mechanic cares about his clientele and wants them back often, the shop is a way to reflect that.

  21. This is some great information. We just moved to a new town and are trying to find a good auto repair shop for some maintenance we’ve been needing. It seems like checking on their reputation is a good place to start since that will give us first hand experience about a particular shop. Thanks for sharing this.

  22. Hey thank you for the post-Ashley this will be helpful if I decide to hire out on some repair jobs for my car! Would you still work with a team if they did not have AAA certification? Also would do a lot of shops also double as towing companies? That is something I have noticed recently. Anyway just like you said I will make sure to give the auto repair shop a test run before making any commitment.

  23. It is interesting to me that you suggested a test run, I hadn’t thought about this before. Sometimes a certain fix on a car can be very bad when it is done incorrectly, so it is important to know that your auto repair shop is plenty competent. If you had then do small fixes on something else, you would get a better idea of how well they do. Thank you for such a helpful article and for all of your information on finding qualified professionals of this kind.

  24. Thanks for the ideas about finding good repair shops! I usually go to a place the specializes in Toyotas since that’s what I have. Even so, I don’t always find that they know what they are doing. Recommendations from friends has given me better results.

  25. This is a great way to find some good auto repair shops. My car has been having a hard time running lately, so I think it would be a great idea to look for these things before I take it somewhere. I definitely want to be sure that they have all the proper certification, because then I will know that they know what they are doing. The other thing I will be sure to look for is that they have good customer service and are easy to communicate with. Thanks for the great post!

  26. There is always that one bad shop that gives everyone else a bad rep. In my experience, most mechanic shops I’ve been to have been really good to me. Like you listed above, it’s always good to do those checks on the shop before you go there. You wouldn’t want to go to one that gives poor customer service.

  27. I have to say, of all of the auto repair shop tips floating the interwebs, I found it refreshing, the suggestion made by the author, to look for a well kept and clean auto shop. Most people probably remember their mother telling them that cleanliness is next to godliness, and I would have to agree with that one in regards to auto repair shops. I am definitely going to keep this article bookmarked for the next time I feel like trying out a new auto repair shop.

  28. I like the tip to see if the shop is neat. We’ve recently moved and we’re looking for a place to go for auto repair when we need it. Since we don’t have friends or family in the area yet the better business bureau seems like a great source to use right now.

  29. I was recently in an accident, and am having to look at different options to repair the damage done to my car. I’ve never had to think much about auto repair, since this is my first accident! The tips that you listed to help choose a good auto repair shop are fantastic, and I think will help me a lot. One that I like in particular is the asking for the company if their work is certified. I think that if they’re certified by a company like AAA, then their work should be good quality. Thanks for the advice!

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