Take a Vacation

-_12_-_ITALY_-_holiday_vacation_Salento_(_south_Apulia_)_6_sunset_at_seaIt’s time to take a vacation. On average, Americans receive between 12 to 14 days of paid vacation each year, a record low compared to other economically-developed countries. In addition, the Families and Works Institute found that most Americans do not even take their entire vacation time, resulting in a total of 429 million unused vacation days amongst American workers. Americans are zealously dedicated to their work and usually think of time off as a luxury instead of a necessity; but taking an extended break from work has significant mental, emotional, and physical health benefits.

Physical Health: Research has found that the mental break provided by a vacation is an important part of staying physically healthy. Rest and relaxation allows you to de-stress, which strengthens the immune system. Vacationing is also correlated with heart health; women and men who skipped vacations were more likely to experience a heart attack or develop heart disease. Enjoying leisure time is also linked with lower blood pressure levels.

Mental and Emotional Health: Individuals experience a myriad of mental and emotional benefits from a vacation. Taking a break allows you to de-stress, and while most people experience some level of stress in their daily lives, allowing it to build up can take a significant toll on your emotional and physical well-being, leaving you more vulnerable to sickness, depression, and burn out (exhaustion caused by prolonged stress). Time away from your daily responsibilities, gives you a new perspective on your situation and can leave you feeling more positive and excited about life. Vacation is even good for your career; people who took breaks from work are more productive, creative, and focused.

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