An Evening Out

luceys-lounge-640Deciding on the right bar for an evening out can be tough unless you know what you’re looking for. The right bar can depend on your location, who you are going out with, or your price range. Although each bar offers patrons a unique experience, certain qualities can separate a mediocre bar from a memorable one.

Drinks: Most bars provide a variety of drinks, but different bars might have a better selection of the drinks you’re looking for. Some bars have a huge selection of beer on tap or have a great cocktail menu. Other bars may have an extensive wine list or specialize in a certain drink.

Service: A huge part of the experience at any establishment is the service and quality of the staff. At a bar, the bartender should not only be great with the drinks, but be personable and efficient. The bartender and the rest of the staff should be attentive, prompt, and friendly. Great staff keep the place running smoothly and give patrons a pleasant experience.

Cleanliness: Although cleanliness is not always the first thing on a person’s list when choosing a bar, a well-ordered establishment certainly creates a better experience. Clean bathrooms are especially important at a bar since they get a lot of use over the course of the evening.

Atmosphere: As a patron, you should feel comfortable in the overall atmosphere of the bar. The music in the bar should be at a reasonable volume to create a good ambiance, not drown out all other sound and conversation. Places that offer patrons activities (like live music, pool, etc.) can also make the evening more entertaining.

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