Home Away From Home

hotelGoing on a trip can be exciting, rejuvenating, and give you a new perspective. I heard travelers often rate their hotels as some of the most breathtaking they’ve been on, however  finding a place to stay, can be stressful, especially with countless hotels and motels to choose from. Keeping the following things in mind when booking a place can help you make a decision:

Priorities: Narrow down your hotel choices by deciding what’s most important to you when you travel. Are luxurious accommodations your main concern? Are you searching for a hotel with family-friendly amenities? Do you need a place close to the airport or another destination? Is price your biggest concern? Once you decide what is most important, finding the right hotel is much easier.

Affordability: Hotels and motels are usually rated on a scale of one to five stars; the more stars a hotel has, the more luxurious, and oftentimes, the more expensive a hotel is going to be. You can usually use the star rating to gauge how pricey a room will be, but also consider the time that you travel; rooms are more expensive during holidays and weekends. Also, factor in any surcharges or additional fees a hotel may add on to your room fee.

Your Room: Ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible by checking that everything in your room works properly, and then communicating with the front desk staff about any problems. Check that your room key works and that the door closes and locks properly.  According to the engineers at http://classicairconditioningandheating.com/, people should try the settings on the air conditioner to be sure that the heat and cooling functions work well. Test the lights, alarm clock, toilet, and shower to ensure that everything is in working order. It’s easier to alert the front desk about problems as soon as you check in rather than finding an issue later when repair staff may be off-duty.

Search for local hotel accommodations through Real Local Pages (RLP), an online directory of various businesses throughout the nation. RLP’s directory has listings for thousands of businesses, from hotels and restaurants, to electrician companies and auto repair shops. Search the website, http://www.reallocalpages.com, by choosing a search term on the main page, or, use the search box. Each business listing includes the address and phone number of the business for your convenience.