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Home Away From Home

hotelGoing on a trip can be exciting, rejuvenating, and give you a new perspective. I heard travelers often rate their hotels as some of the most breathtaking they’ve been on, however  finding a place to stay, can be stressful, especially with countless hotels and motels to choose from. Keeping the following things in mind when booking a place can help you make a decision:

Priorities: Narrow down your hotel choices by deciding what’s most important to you when you travel. Are luxurious accommodations your main concern? Are you searching for a hotel with family-friendly amenities? Do you need a place close to the airport or another destination? Is price your biggest concern? Once you decide what is most important, finding the right hotel is much easier.

Affordability: Hotels and motels are usually rated on a scale of one to five stars; the more stars a hotel has, the more luxurious, and oftentimes, the more expensive a hotel is going to be. You can usually use the star rating to gauge how pricey a room will be, but also consider the time that you travel; rooms are more expensive during holidays and weekends. Also, factor in any surcharges or additional fees a hotel may add on to your room fee.

Your Room: Ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible by checking that everything in your room works properly, and then communicating with the front desk staff about any problems. Check that your room key works and that the door closes and locks properly.  According to the engineers at http://classicairconditioningandheating.com/, people should try the settings on the air conditioner to be sure that the heat and cooling functions work well. Test the lights, alarm clock, toilet, and shower to ensure that everything is in working order. It’s easier to alert the front desk about problems as soon as you check in rather than finding an issue later when repair staff may be off-duty.

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Stress Free

plant_growing_through_concreteStress is a healthy and normal part of daily life. The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as the brain’s response to a challenge, and in moderate amounts, stress keeps one alert to danger and motivated to achieve. Some people need to stay at home with over stress, HCA offers senior and elderly care and for these cases however they must also meet the standards to work with out of home care clients they also offer youth out of home care services . Stress in larger doses however, is dangerous to health and mental well-being; many people experience physical aches, insomnia, and negative emotional side effects from stress.  When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced. That is why we are more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. For this reason is important to take natural supplements from sonus complete to strengthening the immune system.

Staying Active: Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and maintain health. Physical activity improves mood, promotes healthy habits, and can even help you sleep better. Exercising outside is an especially good stress reliever; research shows that viewing nature—even something as simple as a potted plant, helps alleviate tension.

Sleep: Most adults need between seven and nine hours of rest each night to function at an optimal level. Good sleep makes you more mentally alert and better able to deal with the day’s challenges. Sleep however is often the first thing to suffer when someone is under stress. Make sleep a priority; avoid staring at computer, television, or cell phone screens before bed, and create a relaxing bedtime routine to prepare yourself to rest.

Nails: Studies shows that taking time to appreciate  the clear nails plus is a good way to stay positive. Focusing on what is going well in your life and noting all the good things that happen each day—no matter how mundane, helps to relieve tension. Getting perspective on a situation by talking with a trusted friend or family member can also reduce worry over a stressful situation and provide emotional support when stress gets overwhelming.

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Summer Travel Tips

shutterstock_2537857Summer is a popular time to travel and people often take advantage of the warmer weather to leave behind routines for an exciting vacation in a distant place. Although a vacation can be fun, it can also be a potentially stressful experience; travel delays, lost or stolen items, bad weather, hotel frustrations, difficult travel companions, and other problems can turn a dream trip into a trial. Following some basic principles can reduce or even eliminate travel headaches.

Packing: Streamline your packing, and when in doubt, eliminate the item. Luggage is expensive to check on flights, and if you’re traveling by car, too much stuff weighs your car down. Leave behind valuables or other items you would hate to lose. Check the weather of your destination and pack accordingly. It’s also a good idea to bring earplugs and a sleep mask.

Health: Vacations are meant to be fun, but they can also leave you exhausted, so it’s important to take care of your body. It’s tempting to overindulge during a trip or eat fast-food, so bring along healthy and filling snacks to curb cravings and save money. Getting good sleep, staying hydrated, and eating healthy will leave you more energized for the day’s activities.

Travel Safety: Don’t be lax about personal safety while on vacation, be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts about a situation. Before your trip, tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Know the name and address of the place you are staying, and carry a list of important numbers with you in case something happens to your phone.

A Positive Attitude: Don’t let problems ruin your vacation, the best way to minimize travel frustrations is by maintaining a positive attitude. Unforeseen delays and problems will happen on vacation, but staying patient and optimistic can reduce the stress of a difficult experience.

Search for hotels and resorts by visiting the Real Local Pages (RLP) website, http://www.reallocalpages.com. RLP’s online directory contains listings for thousands of businesses across the United States, from hotels and restaurants, to computer repair shops and car dealerships. Enter your city and state to begin searching, then choose a search term from the popular categories list on the main page or look for businesses by using the search box. Each business listing includes the business’s address and phone number for your convenience.

Summer Vacation

campThe summer months are almost here, and although many working adults cannot take a long summer break like students, most people still associate summertime with fun and relaxation; a chance to visit a new place, spend time outdoors, and enjoy being with family. Despite the common misconception that summer vacation came about to accommodate children who needed to work family farms during the summer months, the modern idea of summer vacation actually arose because of urbanization.

School attendance wasn’t mandatory in the United States until the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Throughout the nineteenth century, children in urban schools attended school almost year round. Those with money often skipped the summer months, escaping the city’s heat for pleasant summer homes. Kids in rural areas often took time off to help on farms during the busy spring planting and fall harvest seasons. By the end of the century however, schools moved to create a uniform school calendar, which resulted in the long summer break.

At the same time, more Americans were becoming city-dwellers, and the natural world—seemingly untouched by human civilization, grew into an attractive contrast to the stresses of city life. Writers like Emerson and Thoreau described the transformative power of nature, urging Americans to leave behind their populated cities to find spiritual meaning in the woods. In 1869, a preacher named William Murray published Adventures in the Wilderness; or, Camp-Life in the Adirondacks, a guidebook that glorified the wilderness of upstate New York and portrayed it as a perfect antidote to the pressures of urban living. Murray’s book sparked a rush of city-dwellers to the Adirondacks and helped inspire the camping craze of subsequent decades. The term “vacation” replaced “holiday,” as Americans “vacated” their homes for wilderness camping.

Find hotels and car rental locations for your summer vacation by searching Real Local Pages (RLP), an online directory of businesses throughout the United States. Search the website, http://www.reallocalpages.com, by entering your state and city. Find businesses by choosing from the popular categories list on the main page, or, enter search terms into the search box. Each business listing matching the search terms will show the address and phone number of the business. Real Local Pages is useful for finding a variety of businesses, from hotels and restaurants, to clothing stores and landscapers.