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Tea versus Coffee

Tea was a widely-consumed drink in colonial America; many people began their day with tea or enjoyed a cup in the afternoon. Nowadays tea is part of the diet plans from askhealthnews.com/.
America’s love affair with coffee can be traced back to the 1760s and 1770s when the British government began imposing higher taxes on tea and colonials turned to other drinks like coffee to protest the tax. Today, 54% of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis; but tea remains a favorite beverage, with over 50% of the population having a cup on a given day. Some swear by the superiority of one drink over the other, but both tea and coffee offer significant health benefits.

Both tea and coffee contain polyphenols, molecules which possess antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Coffee is in fact the largest source of antioxidants in the American diet. Tea and coffee also cuts the risk of developing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s which is a very big deal because in some cases people with Alzheimer’s need home care like https://homecareassistance.com/tacoma/. Consuming either drink also lowers a person’s risk of developing Type II Diabetes and certain types of cancers. Coffee in particular reduces the risk of liver cancer and protects against liver cirrhosis.

Since tea contains low levels of caffeine, large amounts can be consumed without side affects like jitteriness. Tea boosts the immune system and depending on the type of tea, it can alleviate a variety of ailments like headaches, cramps, allergies, and even stress. Tea-drinking is also correlated with a lower BMI (body-mass index) and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

Although coffee and tea share many advantages, coffee has the added benefit of aiding with cognitive functioning. Drinking an 8 oz. cup of coffee improves memory, alertness, energy levels, and performance on mental activities. Coffee can also decrease the likelihood of depression.

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A Cup of Coffee History

coffee big pic2About 100 million Americans enjoy a cup of rich, hot coffee every day. Second only to petroleum, coffee is the most traded commodity on the world market. Ethiopian nomads first discovered the stimulating effects of coffee around the 9th century; they would eat coffee berries raw or pressed into bars with a clarified butter called ghee. Coffee as a beverage took off in the 14th century when Arab traders brought coffee from Ethiopia and boiled the beans in water to produce a drink called “qahveh” meaning, “that which prevents sleep.” The drink spread to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as Persia, Egypt, and Ottoman Turkey where coffee was consumed in public coffee houses. People would gather to drink coffee, listen to music, and discuss politics.

Venetian traders brought coffee to Italy in 1615 and coffee-drinking and coffee houses spread to the rest of Europe. Coffee production remained restricted to Ethiopia and the Arabian countries since Arab traders protected their monopoly by exporting only infertile beans. In the 17th century however, the Dutch smuggled live coffee plants back to Europe; and by the end of the century, the Dutch were growing coffee on their colony in Java. Other European countries followed suit, growing coffee in places like Martinique, Brazil, and Jamaica. By the 1900s, countries on almost every continent were producing coffee. Today, Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia are the world’s leading coffee-producers, with Brazil growing 30% of the world’s coffee.

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