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Stormy Summer Skies

0001ab67_mediumSummertime is a popular season for its beautiful weather; sunny days, long nights, and warm temperatures make summer an ideal time for outdoor activities. Although sunny weather is a hallmark of the season, storms are common in parts of the country where summer is the rainy season. Summer downpours provide temporary relief from the hot sun, but stormy weather can be detrimental to personal safety and property. Strong winds and heavy rains could lead to flooding, downed trees, and structural damage to homes. The best way to prevent (or at least limit) storm damage and protect you and your family is to prepare ahead of time.

Before the storm, assess your property for structural problems, making sure that there are no leaks and that doors and windows seal properly. It is also important to check the gutters. Call Gettysburg Gutter Advantage if you need some gutter cleaning or repair. Prune trees and hedges to limit damage during a storm. Take photos of your home and vehicle for insurance purposes and document valuables. Make copies of insurance policies, identification, and other important papers to keep in a safe, waterproof place. Keep a list of contact information (electronic and hard copy) for emergency services, hospitals, insurance agents, family, and friends.

Prepare for severe storms by making an emergency supply kit. Pack your supply kit with a battery-operated radio, flashlights, batteries, local maps (physical maps), blankets, and a first aid kit with instructions. Store canned goods, a manual can opener, drinking water (a person needs up to one gallon per day), and prescription medication. An emergency kit should also include personal hygiene products, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, and wet cleaning cloths.

After a storm, stay away from standing water in case of downed power lines, and take precautions when moving debris. Check your home for damage or contact an expert for help. Search Real Local Pages (RLP) for home repair experts like roof contractors and electricians to help you prepare for summer storms. RLP’s online directory contains listings for thousands of businesses across the country. Users can find many different types of businesses through RLP, from clothing stores and gas stations to florists and flooring services. Visit http://www.reallocalpages.com to get started. Include your location, then search by entering terms into the search box on the main page, or, choose a term from the popular categories list. Each listing includes the business’s contact information for your convenience.

April Showers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost people are familiar with the old nursery rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers.” The heavy spring rains in April help new plants grow, but can also cause water damage to your home. Homeowners can prevent serious and costly damage by doing some preparation in and around their home to protect from the effects of  rain.

Roof and Structure Inspection: Since the roof experiences the most severe effects of bad weather, it’s important to periodically check the roof’s structural integrity. Have a professional inspect your roof for loose tiles/shingles, holes, cracks, and other signs of damage. It’s also important to check the house’s foundation; previous water damage can undermine the entire structure of the house and lead to costly repairs – here is the foundation repair cost Dallas.

Interior Inspection: Check the interior of your home for cracking and peeling on ceilings, walls, and around doors and windows. Look for mold, dark spots, or water rings as they could signal water damage. Check doors and windows to be sure they seal properly and keep out water.

Spring Cleaning: Prepare for rain and storms by doing spring cleaning around your property. Clear gutters and check them for corrosion. Trim trees and hedges and regularly clear leaves and dead branches from the area around your home. Loose leaves could cause water to buildup around your home and dead branches on trees could fall and damage property in a storm. Make sure lawn furniture and other loose items are secured or brought indoors before a storm since most storm damage occurs from flying objects.

Pest Control: Spring rain often brings out more insects; make sure to protect your home from ants, termites, and other pests. Try pest control remedies to deal with insects, or call a pest control expert. One natural remedy you can use to deter ants is to leave dry, crushed mint leaves or a bag of mint tea in areas where ants are active. Bed bug exterminator Columbus  prevents critters from making a permanent stop in your dwelling.

Use Real Local Pages (RLP) to find local pest control and roofing professionals to help you prepare for spring rains. RLP is an online directory of various businesses across the United States. Visit the RLP website, http://www.reallocalpages.com, and choose your city and state. Search by choosing from the popular categories list on the home page, or use the search box to find a variety of businesses, from roofing experts to restaurants.

Up on a Housetop

a-plus-new-roof-floridaRoofing experts suggest that homeowners inspect their roofs every spring and fall for damage. If you need reparations check the best restoring roof services. The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of a house since it is exposed to brunt of the weather; wind, hail, rainstorms, fallen branches and leaves, snow, ice, high humidity, and temperature changes put stress on the roof and homeowners should periodically assess their roof to identify potential problems. By regularly inspecting your roof, you can pinpoint issues before they lead to more serious roof problems that would require expensive repairs.

Homeowners need to assess both the interior and exterior of the house when looking for damage; oftentimes, things like windows, gutters, and even mold spots can point to roof damage. Also is important to clean your house, check this website for the best pressure washing. When examining the exterior, you should look for missing, curling, blistered, cracked, or buckled shingles. If you have a tile roof, check if any tiles are missing, cracked, broken, or out of place. You should also check the exterior paint (or stucco) of the house for chipping, discoloration, cracking, or splitting—these conditions might be signs of roof damage. Signs of roof problems can also be identified from the interior of the house in the attic. Check for sagging places in the roof and any outside light shining through.  Identify dark spots, leaks, and discoloration on the ceilings—water damage can lead to mold growth and other problems that threaten the integrity of your house.

Roofing experts warn homeowners to avoid walking on the roof when inspecting it, particularly if the roof is damaged. Homeowners can find a trusted roofing contractor to inspect or repair the roof using Real Local Pages (RLP), an online business directory with listings for services and businesses throughout the U.S. Visit the website, http://www.reallocalpages.com/, and enter the location you want to search. Choose the “roofing” category on the RLP home page or enter key words into the search box like “roof,” “roofing,” “roofer,” or “roofing contractor” to find the service or business you need. The results pages include the name and contact information of the business for your convenience. Users can also leave a review of the business listing on the website by clicking the “add review” button shown next to the listing. RLP’s directory is useful for finding a range of businesses and services from restaurants to electricians.