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April Showers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost people are familiar with the old nursery rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers.” The heavy spring rains in April help new plants grow, but can also cause water damage to your home. Homeowners can prevent serious and costly damage by doing some preparation in and around their home to protect from the effects of  rain.

Roof and Structure Inspection: Since the roof experiences the most severe effects of bad weather, it’s important to periodically check the roof’s structural integrity. Have a professional inspect your roof for loose tiles/shingles, holes, cracks, and other signs of damage. It’s also important to check the house’s foundation; previous water damage can undermine the entire structure of the house and lead to costly repairs – here is the foundation repair cost Dallas.

Interior Inspection: Check the interior of your home for cracking and peeling on ceilings, walls, and around doors and windows. Look for mold, dark spots, or water rings as they could signal water damage. Check doors and windows to be sure they seal properly and keep out water.

Spring Cleaning: Prepare for rain and storms by doing spring cleaning around your property. Clear gutters and check them for corrosion. Trim trees and hedges and regularly clear leaves and dead branches from the area around your home. Loose leaves could cause water to buildup around your home and dead branches on trees could fall and damage property in a storm. Make sure lawn furniture and other loose items are secured or brought indoors before a storm since most storm damage occurs from flying objects.

Pest Control: Spring rain often brings out more insects; make sure to protect your home from ants, termites, and other pests. Try pest control remedies to deal with insects, or call a pest control expert. One natural remedy you can use to deter ants is to leave dry, crushed mint leaves or a bag of mint tea in areas where ants are active. Bed bug exterminator Columbus  prevents critters from making a permanent stop in your dwelling.

Use Real Local Pages (RLP) to find local pest control and roofing professionals to help you prepare for spring rains. RLP is an online directory of various businesses across the United States. Visit the RLP website, http://www.reallocalpages.com, and choose your city and state. Search by choosing from the popular categories list on the home page, or use the search box to find a variety of businesses, from roofing experts to restaurants.

Pesky Pest Control

An estimated 91,000 known species of insects live in the United States. While not all of these species are considered pests, the large number of household insect pests can make protecting your home or living space from pests an ongoing job. Individuals should carefully research multiple pest control companies in order to find a trustworthy business.

Reputation and Professionalism: Make sure the company you work with is licensed to operate; most states require pest management companies to be licensed through the state’s department of agriculture and the company should show proof of current licensing. Check if the company has general liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance. In addition to insurance and licensing, individuals must investigate the company’s past jobs. Ask for references and contact the local Better Business Bureau to learn about the company’s reputation. Take note of the company’s professionalism; is their vehicle neat with the company name clearly marked? Are employees organized, considerate, and careful in your home? Find out if the company belongs to a professional pest management association; companies affiliated with professional organizations indicate a concern for quality work.

Pricing: A pest control company should always do an inspection of your home before settling on a price for a job. Beware of prices that seem too high or too low; investigating the services of at least three different companies will give you a better idea of prices.

Your Needs: The pest management professional should be mindful of the home’s occupants. The professional should take into consideration residents’ allergies, ages (elderly, children), and household pets when choosing pesticides. Ask questions throughout the entire process, a good company is ready and willing to address your concerns.

Choose a reputable local pest management company through Real Local Pages (RLP), an online directory of U.S. businesses and services. Visit the RLP website, http://www.reallocalpages.com, and choose your location by entering your zip code. Search for businesses by entering terms into the search box such as “pest control,” and “exterminator,” or “orange oil termite treatment“, choose from the popular categories options on the home page. The results page will show listings related to your search terms along with the address and phone number of each business. RLP is a great site for locating a variety of businesses and services, from movie theaters and coffee shops to lawn care companies and pest management services.

Take Back Your Summer from the Creepy Crawlers

Find a Pest Control Company in Your Area
Summer is upon us and just like us; insects like to partake in our summer activities. Take back your summer from these creepy crawlers by calling an exterminator in your area. Finding a pest control company can seem overwhelming at first, but the Real Local Pages (RLP) online business directory provides a stress-free place to begin your search.
The RLP online directory is created especially to connect consumers like you to local businesses such as exterminators. Since the best pest control companies in your area are probably not advertising gurus nor have a large marketing department many rely on RLP to provide marketing and advertising to consumers, like you. To help these companies become more visible they receive an intuitive marketing suite which includes a mini-web site, online directory listings, social media assistance, colorful dynamic ads, and reports and analytics. These intuitive tools allow them to focus on being the best in their industry. For you the consumer, RLP provides an easy to use online business directory to find local businesses in your area that you may not otherwise have known about.
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