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Stress Free

plant_growing_through_concreteStress is a healthy and normal part of daily life. The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as the brain’s response to a challenge, and in moderate amounts, stress keeps one alert to danger and motivated to achieve. Some people need to stay at home with over stress, HCA offers senior and elderly care and for these cases however they must also meet the standards to work with out of home care clients they also offer youth out of home care services . Stress in larger doses however, is dangerous to health and mental well-being; many people experience physical aches, insomnia, and negative emotional side effects from stress.  When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced. That is why we are more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. For this reason is important to take natural supplements from sonus complete to strengthening the immune system.

Staying Active: Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and maintain health. Physical activity improves mood, promotes healthy habits, and can even help you sleep better. Exercising outside is an especially good stress reliever; research shows that viewing nature—even something as simple as a potted plant, helps alleviate tension.

Sleep: Most adults need between seven and nine hours of rest each night to function at an optimal level. Good sleep makes you more mentally alert and better able to deal with the day’s challenges. Sleep however is often the first thing to suffer when someone is under stress. Make sleep a priority; avoid staring at computer, television, or cell phone screens before bed, and create a relaxing bedtime routine to prepare yourself to rest.

Nails: Studies shows that taking time to appreciate  the clear nails plus is a good way to stay positive. Focusing on what is going well in your life and noting all the good things that happen each day—no matter how mundane, helps to relieve tension. Getting perspective on a situation by talking with a trusted friend or family member can also reduce worry over a stressful situation and provide emotional support when stress gets overwhelming.

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Take a Vacation

-_12_-_ITALY_-_holiday_vacation_Salento_(_south_Apulia_)_6_sunset_at_seaIt’s time to take a vacation. On average, Americans receive between 12 to 14 days of paid vacation each year, a record low compared to other economically-developed countries. In addition, the Families and Works Institute found that most Americans do not even take their entire vacation time, resulting in a total of 429 million unused vacation days amongst American workers. Americans are zealously dedicated to their work and usually think of time off as a luxury instead of a necessity; but taking an extended break from work has significant mental, emotional, and physical health benefits.

Physical Health: Research has found that the mental break provided by a vacation is an important part of staying physically healthy. Rest and relaxation allows you to de-stress, which strengthens the immune system. Vacationing is also correlated with heart health; women and men who skipped vacations were more likely to experience a heart attack or develop heart disease. Enjoying leisure time is also linked with lower blood pressure levels.

Mental and Emotional Health: Individuals experience a myriad of mental and emotional benefits from a vacation. Taking a break allows you to de-stress, and while most people experience some level of stress in their daily lives, allowing it to build up can take a significant toll on your emotional and physical well-being, leaving you more vulnerable to sickness, depression, and burn out (exhaustion caused by prolonged stress). Time away from your daily responsibilities, gives you a new perspective on your situation and can leave you feeling more positive and excited about life. Vacation is even good for your career; people who took breaks from work are more productive, creative, and focused.

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Taking the Waters

best-spa-packagegsFor relaxation and rejuvenation, there’s no better place to visit than a spa. In Europe, spas are known as “thermal waters,” and in fact, the modern spa centers around the use of water. People have used forms of hydrotherapy since ancient times to promote health. The ancient Greeks built baths around naturally-occurring hot springs and believed that bathing in thermal waters would cure diseases. In ancient Rome, aqueducts facilitated the building of elaborate public bath houses, and baths became a place for pleasure and relaxation, much like spas are today.

After the Roman Empire, hydrotherapy and bathing in general suffered a decline. Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that bathing washed off the body’s protective oils; merely washing the face and neck was considered sufficient for cleanliness. Doctors in the 15th century however rediscovered the benefits of hydrotherapy and prescribed bath treatments and drinking cures for sick patients. “Taking the waters” spread throughout Europe and America, and by the 1800s, spa resorts with hotels and entertainment became popular with the upper classes. These spas offered a variety of bizarre treatments such as drinking sulfur water, hot mud baths, and vapor baths in sulfurous pools.

Modern spas focus on relaxation and beautification, incorporating practices from all over the world such as acupuncture, Thai massages, and European facials. Find spas in your area by searching Real Local Pages (RLP). Real Local Pages is an online business directory containing listings for thousands of businesses across the United States, and searching RLP is easy and convenient. Visit the website, http://www.reallocalpages.com and enter keywords such as “spa” or “massage” into the search box. You can also search by choosing from the popular categories list. Results will show businesses offering spa treatments in your area. Each listing displays an address and phone number to help you easily locate the business. RLP can be used to find a wide range of businesses and services; from spas and hotels, to electricians and roofers.